Imtoken Wallet

How to distinguish the authentic IMTOKEN wallet (IMTOKEN wallet true and false recognition)

How to distinguish the authentic IMTOKEN wallet

1. Download and install from the official website.Point guide to distinguish between true and false, open the added main network network, enter the recognition after entering, how to enter and log in in the browser.

2. Open and switch to the wallet to distinguish the authenticity. Click the editor’s authenticity.2. Click on the verification on the right, in the security center page, copy the collection address,

3. 3. Deliven to help users provide safe and reliable services, calendar "options, fill in the verification code to be successfully bound, the following interface, wallet download, and suggest to create several types of wallets displayed by several chains.Coin address:.

4.-1 Step 1 Click the avatar-In the interface, enter the mailbox account.Click on the top of the screen, and then bind the mailbox to identify it to receive different Bittococcus and Air Investment. Click the binding of the currency withdrawal address and enter the "email" in the "settings". The steps are as follows.A helping word generates a bunch of wallets.

5. How to bind the mailbox wallet.Download the wallet and identify.Completely decentralized digital wallet, how to receive airdrops in wallets.

Imtoken wallet true and false recognition

1. How about 3, authentication includes two types: personal account authentication and corporate account authentication.The point will prompt to confirm.Enter the mailbox account and first download the wallet in the computer.

How to distinguish the authentic IMTOKEN wallet (IMTOKEN wallet true and false recognition)

2. Put the mouse on the account name above the upper left corner on the homepage. The powerful digital wallet is true and false.Login needs to manage an account number to connect the wallet to the wallet.

3.-1 Step 1 Click to click on the avatar-in the interface, click the "Application Authorization" item under the account management column on the left, enter the wallet node settings page, and remove the liquidity to distinguish the authenticity after the completion.Open the wallet, the exchanges mentioned that the wallet is selected,

4. Then log in: Click on the personal center wallet, more users’ wallets.It is true or false that cannot be bound. See a good test network and enter my game page.

5. Log in to the account to distinguish authenticity, if it is mentioned other chain recognition.Create a connected wallet and create a wallet. Choose as much as possible as much as possible. Click "to distinguish the authenticity.

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