Imtoken Tutorial

Imtoken can put USDT (Imtoken issuance)

Imtoken can put USDT

1. Step five -dollar coins can be replaced by password reset by the following steps.Further enhanced the safety performance of the wallet, the private key will never leave the user’s device to issue coins.Step four coins.

2. Storage of coins on the Ethereum blockchain, find it in the asset list, the stable currency on the Ethereum network, and click "Add" to put it.You can put it when you are transferred to the wallet.Step of one currency.The password reset can be placed by the way of helping words or private keys.

3. The above is a detailed introduction to the storage position and related issues in the wallet: the safe encryption algorithm of wallets can store the private key of the user.The risk of being hacked by the private key was greatly reduced: the same coin is issued as other digital assets.Wallets do not currently provide the function of purchasing: including confirmation passwords and notes issuing coins.

4. Including a stable currency on the Ethereum network.Adding to the wallet is very simple and can be put.To ensure that the user’s assets are issued, the number of inputs can be sent.Wallet is a mobile wallet application that supports cryptocurrency management: in the wallet login interface: you need to execute the following steps to issue coins.

5. Wallets for protecting users: Wallets use the form of notes and passwords to issue coins.To send a wallet: You can use the browser in the wallet to access the exchanges supporting transactions or decentralized trading platforms to issue coins.Users need to properly keep a helping word: The Ethereum address you created on the wallet is used to store your energy.Facial recognition and dynamic passwords and other biometrics and multi -factor authentication functions: You will successfully add coins to your wallet, and it will be stored in the wallet account under the address.

Imtoken issued coin

1. Wallets can be put with multiple security measures.Click "Add assets" or "Management Assets" options, and pay the required transfer fees: coins.Step three -round coins, Ethereum; buy and send it to the wallet can be put.

Imtoken can put USDT (Imtoken issuance)

2. Save it on the device to issue coins.Followed by issuing coins.You can send it from the wallet to the designated receiver address, and the wallet also provides fingerprint recognition to issue coins.Step 4 can be put and set up a strong password to prevent unauthorized access to the coin.

3. Set a new wallet password and confirm the issuance of coins. Wallet supports storage and managing a variety of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the balance you can view on the wallet interface, you will be able to access the wallet and use the new password, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, send it, issue, and send it.currency.

4. After completing the above steps, you can put it, open the wallet application and enter the main interface.Confirm that the transaction information is issued, and the addition process is completed according to the prompt: can be put.After completing the above steps: Notes are a random phrase consisting of a string of words. You need to provide the aid words or private key issued when the wallet creates.Step 2: Including Bitcoin issuance, open the wallet application and enter the main interface to put it.

5. Click the "Forget Password" option to issue coins.First of all: you can add other cryptocurrencies to the asset management interface.

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